My new COS white shirt on a day off


I got this piece from COS on sale. It was simple but with stylish ending. I couldnt help but buying it. My son took this photo shot for me when I was off to drive him to school like every morning. I wore the tribal-style necklace in shocking pink which makes my outfit looks more interesting.


I normally wear size 14 but this shirt is size 10. However it can fit me well and hopefully it will inspire me to lost more weight.


I decided to pair my outfit with a pair of simple beige sandals and D&G handbag which I got it a few years back when I went out shopping with my mum. The piece reminds me of a wonderful time we had together. I still miss her very much. Time only helped me to cope with her passing but not completely healed. I had a special bond with my mum so her death striked me so hard that I couldnt swallon it. To wear or carry things like this handbag brings back the fond memory of us together. I felt warm with love. Love you mum!



Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day.

Blue pom pom sandals – love it


You can say I am slow when it comes to trendy fashion so I only recently bought this lovely pom pom sandal in bright deep blue. I love it. Today I have a day off so I decided to wear it to embrace my free time with my K. The sandal  is a cheap version of a expensive brand but it is still very comfortable to wear. Since my K wears his spiderman sandal with the similar colour, he is very happy. He loves spiderman and blue colour. It is amazing to know we develop the love for colour at the very young age. The pom pom on the sandal makes it looks stylish and trendy. If you dont own any of this sandal, I recommend you to have one i  your shoe collection.

The top I bought because of its style which is very much proper wear for the hot summer here in Bahrain. I also love the black rose embroideries on the top as the colour is so opposite and very contrast.

I am ready to enjoy my day off with my K now. See you soon.




Pleated long dressy jacket for evening out

Apart from lace, I am crazy about pleated top, dress, skirt or jacket. I got this lovely pleated long dressy jacket from a shop called Splash in Bahrain a while ago. It looks amazing and so lady-like. I think wearing it is an appropriate attire for attending tonight reception at the Hotel in town. I dont want it to open too much so I pinned it with a simple pearl pin. Not much accessories today. Later on I will change my heels from a simple black pair to a fancier one. Like what I wear today very much.





H&M black pleated dress for work

I have been a big fan of this Swedish brand, H&M, for many years now. I recently bought this black pleated dress from the brand as a cheap version of Designer’s brand. Love it. I also bought a other black pleated cover from Dorothy Parkin, English brand for plus size women a long time ago. They are perfect matches. It is easy to wear and yet looks incredible elegant. I think I can wear it for day and night. The fabric isnt too shiny but soft so it holds my figure very well and doesnt make me look large. For the price of it and for what I get out of it, I will score it 10 out of 10.





H&M olive dress on weekend with my boy

I bought this lovely olive dress from H&M a while ago and wore it yesterday on a day out with my boy. The dress was lovely and thin for a hot summer in Bahrain but somehow the fabric got easily stained. Once stain got in, it leaves some marks which doesnt look nice. I took K to a boat trip and went on to visit Bahrain National Museum. It was so much fun but the dress looked so spoiled when I was home. It was easy to clean though that was a plus side.





Another unique sa-rong for an Embassy Bazaar

Today I had to go to an Embassy Bazaar which is an annual event here in Bahrain. It has been organised by the Mother and Child Society for many many years to raise funds to support a vulnerable group of people in the society. Many embassids participated at this event including my embassy. I chose to wear simple white lace top and a statement sa-rong. My sa-rong is in shocking pink with amazing patterns. It was weaved by hand to create amazing patterns. A unique technique has been taught from generation to generation. Every time I wear this amazing piece of sa-rong. I can feel warmed by love and care of the persons who created them. Some pieces can take up to half a year or more to make. Love them.

This special sa-rong was made by a group of tribe called Thai Leu. Their work is amazing and recognised by colourful pattern. I got it from a trip to Chiang Rai province in Thailand.

Hope you like it as much as me.