A little black lace dress and a bow bag

Hello everyone,

I had a long holiday since the holy month of Ramadan ended on this Sunday here in the Gulf. Eid holiday started and ended on Wednesday. However the great sale season is on for another 2 weeks. I got two new handbags from Balenciaga and YSL. I will post their pics later when I use them. ^_^

On the first two days of Eid, some of our ASEAN colleague would host open house reception to mark the end of Ramadan. I went to the open house of the Indonesian Ambassador on 26 June 2017. I love love indonesian food like nasi gorang. On that day I picked the little black lace dress and teamed it with my Carolina Herrera audrey bow bag. It was pre-owned bag with good condition. Love it. CH brand isnt so popular in my home country but very well known here in the Gulf. This vintage bow bag is so cute. It is not too big but you can put a bit of things on it. It is a nice sized everyday use.

Thanks for reading.







White on peaceful Saturday


Oh dear, I am not pregnant btw. This dress I got a while ago. Didnt think it made me look like a pregnant woman. LOL. When I tried it on, I guess the light in the fitting room made thing look different and better than in reality. Anyway I wore it to do grocery shopping at the nearby mall. I thought I look amazing but on camera I looked the other way. I just wanna show you the look that should not be included in a do list for a boxy figured girl who doesn’t have a slim waist line. However I thought the combination of the colour wasn’t so bad. I carried my colourful Paul Smith purse to add colour to my plain outfit.

Time to cook my dinner so gotta run now. See you next time and thanks for reading. 🙂



Denim and black is a good combination


The first day of Ramadan here started from Saturday,  I took Kevin to an indoor playground because the weather was so hot. I decided to wear denim on black trousers so I create a casual and chic looking (well that was I thought). I love this rainbow handbag which I got from Paul Smith shop in Bahrain. The colourful stripes added so much fun in the look. A pair of flats were from Cath Kidson. I do love the design but they are not for heavy duty mum day out. They were comfortable but got so many creases or wringle lines after a few times I wore them so I don’t quite like the look now. They look very old and torn. >_<

We didn’t do much on that day because we didn’t want to be thirsty or hungry. Ramadan means all restaurants are closed during the day. Food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed in the public places including inside your car (if being noticed you can be fined). But for children they can drink and eat in public area so it wasn’t that bad for Kevin.



Paul Smith black for a meeting day


Today I have a meeting to officially launch a project with the press so I picked up my Paul Smith black dress which I purchased a few months ago. I love the design and the fabric that lies neatly on the body and helps creating some figure. I also wear my new pair of earrings from Guess.

Tomorrow is a weekend here. I can’t wait to enjoy time with my family after a week full of full workingload.

Have a good day.



Polka dot again because I love it

Today I came to work in a a black dress on top of a polka dot blouse. I love the combination for the summer even though black doesn’t seem like a summer colour. I wore my new pair of kitten heels which I very much adore the design. The shoes came on sale with price tag of $8 so I got two pairs, one in black and one in warm coral.

Ramadan will start in a next few days. Things will be very quiet during the day time. All restaurants will be closed at day time and opened at night. The heat will make me dizzy and hungry more. Respect muslims for their strong determination. It takes a lot of courage and patience not to eat when the summer strikes you hard.

Today they expect it to be upto 42 degree during the day time. Hope the heat will not make me sick. There are a few people at my work got running nose amidst the hot temperature.

Take care.




Floral culotte jumsuit on a day without dolphin

We booked a trip to watch dolphin in Bahraini sea two weeks ago. Today finally they called to confirm that it is possible to go. The boat trip left from Sitra Port to area near Al Dar Island. The whole trip took about 1.5 hours but we couldn’t see any dolphins. I guess that there were too many jet-skis and lots of people in the area during the weekend. It was disappointing but noone can guarantee if the dolphins living in natural habitat would come out. However we enjoyed the trip so it wasn’t so bad at the end. I hope I can take the trip again and this time I can see the dolphins of Al dar island.

Till then.

My look : floral culotte jumpsuit, sandals are from Max Fashion from India, white tee and sunglasses are from Splash, a fashion brand from Middle East and bag is from Forever21.

For this floral culotte jumpsuit, I got it from sale but it was too long for a short woman like me (only 5″ 1′). I therefore shorten it but designed to make it even shorter. I think if it was at my ankle-length, it would make me look shorter than reality. Actually it was my first time to wear the jumpsuit. The bright yellow colour of this jumpsuit is irresistible for me so I bought it. It is easy to wear and good for the super hot climate in the Gulf countries, but very difficult to take off when you have to go to the toilet.






Beach wear day

Lately i am into buying swiming suits and beachwear. I haven’t bought a sexy swimming suits before but now I have gained more confidence thanks to blogging. I am more daring into many outfits that I have never thought of wearing them earlier. Today I am out to the beach with K. Actually it is the beach near our front garden of our apartment complex. Se have a wonderful time together. I felt fabulous in my beach wear.

We stay in Amwaj Island in the northern part of Bahrain. It is a man-made island from land reclaimed area. The water is very greenish blue and very clear. K enjoyed making his sand castle until his lil friend came along. They moved from beach area to the pool and stayed there for 2 hours. Until the sun got too strong to bear. Tomorrow we will go on a boat trip to watch dolphine. Hope we see many dolphines. Will keep you guys updated.

Bye for now.