Product review : bodyshop almond nail and cuticle oil

Dear Lovelies,

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has dry and cracked cuticles like me? How you deal with it? The photo you see now is a lot better than before after I start using new product.


When the weather gets colder, my cuticles become so dry and cracked. I sometimes like to peel them off which leads to deeper ruin of my nail base. Even I get them bleeding too. Therefore, my finger nails don’t always look nice or neat so I like to get them manicured to cover up those damages. Lately, I have been so busy with my work that I couldn’t find time to do much things for myself including manicured.

I often catch myself peeling off my cuticles just to kill times and it becomes a very bad habit. When I found out my little boy starts following my example by peeling his nails, I know now it is time to kill this bad habit!


I have been searching for a good product that can fix my cuticle problem immediately.  I then found this amazing bodyshop almond nail & cuticle oil. The product comes in a package like a nice little pen with a soft brush at the end. You need to turn the other end until the oil comes out on the brush and apply it right on your cuticles. The almond oil will keep your cuticle moisturized.


2016-02-16 22.19.48

From this above-photo you can see nail on the left was cracked and dry and nail on the right was moisturized.

I have been amazed by the result after I just used it a few times. I only apply it on my cuticles once a day before I go to bed. It works its way to keep my cuticles moisturized so it appears less cracked and dry. It makes my finger nails look healthier and moisturized. The smell of the almond oil is very nice. This product also comes in the market with other products such as hand cream and hand soap. I love them all and found out that to use them together will enhance a better result.

The product quality is superb and packaging is easy to use. I will recommend it to anyone who suffer the same faith.

Love. XXX




Product review : Nesti Dante liquid soap

Many times I walked into my favourite supermarket here in Bahrain, I passed this shelf full of bars of soap and bottles in colourful packages. The smell of the soaps are so fresh, but I always use shower gel so I just passed by the shelf without noticing the colourful bars of soaps on it. Until one day, I got rashes on my tummy and I somehow though that they might come from chemical residue left on my skin from my usual shower gel. I then set a quest to seek for liquid soap which is so gentle to my skin.


Only when I seriously started looking for the perfect liquid soap, I noticed soap products on the shelf which I normally passed by without noticing. The products named “Nesti Dante”. The smells of the soap bars are so fresh as much as the liquid soap. Normally when I use my shower gel, I only smell parfume, something with chemical fragrance. Nesti Dante liquid soaps are different. The smells are sweet but also containing soap-smell. Something is so fresh and traditional.

I bought four items from the shelf. But today I will review only 2 items.


Romatica : shower gel with rose fragrance 300 ml. The smell is very uniquely beautiful. I love it.


Honey Wheat Germ : natural liquid soap for bath and shower 300ml. The smell is very nice and fresh. It leaves its soap-smell on your skin which I like it very much.

I would recommend them to any of you who are interested in replacing shower gel with liquid soap which is more traditional. The smells are very natural especially Honey Wheat Germ. Your skin will not be slippery after use like some of the shower gel but somehow it doesn’t make it feels dry out either. I prefer them to other products now. They are bring me back to the old time when I still used soap bars to clean my body. I felt like my granny still alive. I will definitely buy them for friends in Thailand next time I am going there for vacation.

Thanks for reading hope you will try them too.

Hugs, XXX