Simple weight loss – being a working mum

Hi there,

Today my sister sent me a picture of me then and now. I was stunned to see myself in the picture which was taken 2 years ago. I was 80 kg at that time. Now I was around 66 or 67 kg and my goal is putting it down to 60 kg. I wanted to be able to fit in nice clothes and like to be in the photo again. I realised that during the past 2-3 years I hardly had good pictures of myself. Now I feel like being on pictures again.

People keep on asking me what I have been doing to lost so much weight within the period of 1 year. I told them being a full time working mum. Actually I didn’t have time for dinner because when I got home from work I had to cook and take care of K. My husband is working at home so his shift ends when I am home. I gotta feed K so by the time I finished it was too late for me to have my dinner. I also do my house chore every now and then during weekday but weekend I do most of it, cleaning, mopping, ironing, cleaning toilets , etc. This helps me lost my weight and I feel healthier too. Why? I have to set up a good example for K so I eat better when I eat.

Anyway, you should be happy with who you are and embrace your look. If you lost some weight and look healthier, why not. Remember whatever you do is just for you and making you happy. Regardless whatever judgement from others.

Stay healthy everone!

Share me your weight loss experiences, pls leave your comments. Thanks.


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Product review : bodyshop almond nail and cuticle oil

Dear Lovelies,

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has dry and cracked cuticles like me? How you deal with it? The photo you see now is a lot better than before after I start using new product.


When the weather gets colder, my cuticles become so dry and cracked. I sometimes like to peel them off which leads to deeper ruin of my nail base. Even I get them bleeding too. Therefore, my finger nails don’t always look nice or neat so I like to get them manicured to cover up those damages. Lately, I have been so busy with my work that I couldn’t find time to do much things for myself including manicured.

I often catch myself peeling off my cuticles just to kill times and it becomes a very bad habit. When I found out my little boy starts following my example by peeling his nails, I know now it is time to kill this bad habit!


I have been searching for a good product that can fix my cuticle problem immediately.  I then found this amazing bodyshop almond nail & cuticle oil. The product comes in a package like a nice little pen with a soft brush at the end. You need to turn the other end until the oil comes out on the brush and apply it right on your cuticles. The almond oil will keep your cuticle moisturized.


2016-02-16 22.19.48

From this above-photo you can see nail on the left was cracked and dry and nail on the right was moisturized.

I have been amazed by the result after I just used it a few times. I only apply it on my cuticles once a day before I go to bed. It works its way to keep my cuticles moisturized so it appears less cracked and dry. It makes my finger nails look healthier and moisturized. The smell of the almond oil is very nice. This product also comes in the market with other products such as hand cream and hand soap. I love them all and found out that to use them together will enhance a better result.

The product quality is superb and packaging is easy to use. I will recommend it to anyone who suffer the same faith.

Love. XXX



Product review : Nesti Dante liquid soap

Many times I walked into my favourite supermarket here in Bahrain, I passed this shelf full of bars of soap and bottles in colourful packages. The smell of the soaps are so fresh, but I always use shower gel so I just passed by the shelf without noticing the colourful bars of soaps on it. Until one day, I got rashes on my tummy and I somehow though that they might come from chemical residue left on my skin from my usual shower gel. I then set a quest to seek for liquid soap which is so gentle to my skin.


Only when I seriously started looking for the perfect liquid soap, I noticed soap products on the shelf which I normally passed by without noticing. The products named “Nesti Dante”. The smells of the soap bars are so fresh as much as the liquid soap. Normally when I use my shower gel, I only smell parfume, something with chemical fragrance. Nesti Dante liquid soaps are different. The smells are sweet but also containing soap-smell. Something is so fresh and traditional.

I bought four items from the shelf. But today I will review only 2 items.


Romatica : shower gel with rose fragrance 300 ml. The smell is very uniquely beautiful. I love it.


Honey Wheat Germ : natural liquid soap for bath and shower 300ml. The smell is very nice and fresh. It leaves its soap-smell on your skin which I like it very much.

I would recommend them to any of you who are interested in replacing shower gel with liquid soap which is more traditional. The smells are very natural especially Honey Wheat Germ. Your skin will not be slippery after use like some of the shower gel but somehow it doesn’t make it feels dry out either. I prefer them to other products now. They are bring me back to the old time when I still used soap bars to clean my body. I felt like my granny still alive. I will definitely buy them for friends in Thailand next time I am going there for vacation.

Thanks for reading hope you will try them too.

Hugs, XXX



My daily facial treatment

When I seriously started putting on makeup, I was a post grat student in UK years and years ago. I didn’t know much about beauty products or facial treatment. I only used simple facial foam from Ponds and moisturizer from Oil of Olay.

Until one day I found that my facial skin became so rough that I couldn’t apply any makeup on due to English winter. I thought I had to conceal it with thicker foundation so I headed to Debenham. I stopped by Clarins counter and asked assistant for foundation that suited my skin tone. She looked at me and asked why I wanted to use foundation. I explained to her that I needed to cover my rough and tired skin look. She smiled and simply said that all I needed were good skincare products not a foundation or concealer. I was introduced to the world of beauty  ever since.

When you became 40s like me, you have to admit the fact that you are aging. Your skin flexibility becomes less while wrinkles appear deeper in your skin. You cannot take it for granted any longer and you seriously need to take care your skin more than ever. It is a fact. When you turn into 50s, it will be too late to take care of it.

Here are some reviews on skincare products I have been using over a year now and the results are incredible.

Step 1 : Cleansing – I use normal cleansing cream or milk which I can buy from any supermarkets. Lately I found L’Oreal pure cleansing milk which is easy to clean all makeup even the waterproof ones. Simply rub the milk gently on your face and swipe it out with cotton pads. All makeup comes out easily.


Step 2 : Washing – I use 3 products at the moment. Himalaya Herbals Neems foaming face wash. This one is imported from India. It cleans your face very well. All the residue will come out. You can see the brown colour of the foam if you don’t clean your face with the cleasing milk before you wash your face. The other one I also use is Gardiner daily energising gel wash. I love its smell very much. I also scrub my face with Neutrogina pink grapefruit daily scrub every 3 days or twice a week. The product smell so good and the scrub beads are very tiny it doesn’t make your face feel too dry out after scurbing.


Step 3 : Toning – I use Nevia and like it.

Step 4 : Moisturizing with watery lotion. This is part of double protection method from Kanebo BA. She told me that lotion will open up your skin layer and help day or night cream penetrate into your skin better. You can feel the different result when you apply your cream after you applied lotion. The cream penetrate into skin layers better and you don’t feel it’s stickiness that much. I chose to use my son baby lotion.

Step 5 : Applying serum to enhance your cream capacity on your skin. I love Clarins double serum very much. The product is incredibly amazing. It helps to improve your skin appearance. My skin is soften and less rough.

Step 6 : Applying your day and night cream. Lately I learn to love this Japanese brand – Kanebo. Sensai is its luxurious skin production which is very good. It is produced from silk and aiming to soften wrinkle lines and reduce aging signs. I use Sensai cellular performance Emulsion II (which is similar to SKII) for day and use Sensai cellular performance cream for night since the cream is very rich and thicken. I used it for 2 months now, I can feel the differences. My skin soften and easier to apply make up on. It looks less fatigue and dull in the evening too. I enjoy compliments from people more often.


weight loss by evening primrose oil

Hello Everyone,

Anyone suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)  like me? Hands up please. I have recently decided to take evening primrose oil (EPO) for improving my hormone imbalance as I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I got treated for infertility many years ago. I also expect that my skin condition and fragile nails will be in a better condition. I started taking EPO since beginning December 2015.

I also take EPO aiming for my skin condition which has been rough and dry due to aging and water quality here in Bahrain. I found out that water here is quite salty and effects my mother’s skin sensitivity. I need to find product to help me improve my skin quality from within.

Collage 2016-01-21 05_58_14After a few months of taking EPO, I haven’t seen much of improvement of my skin condition. But the obvious result came as a biggest surprise! I lost so much weight. I also eat remarkably less. As a petite woman in term of heights I am always considered curvy in term of weights. From 78 – 79 kg. Now I am 68 kg. To be honest I am not sure if my weight loss is related to EPO but to balance my hormone is indeed the main course of it. I have read and watch the programme “Big, Fat and Fabulous” Miss Whitney the host has been also diagnosed with PCOS.she claimed that it made her gain so much weights. I do believe her. So I set my goal to live healthier and eat better.

Collage 2016-01-21 05_54_42

P.S. sorry for the quality of the pictures. As you know how I look before so I didn’t take many pictures. I always hided behind someone at least half of my body so I didn’t face reality. Now I have gained much more confident in the way I look. So I try to take more pictures. 🙂

Thanks you all for reading! XXX