Hi everyone!

I am a forty something woman from Thailand. I have been currently living in Bahrain, pearl of the Arabian Gulf, for almost 2 years. Because of my profession, I have a good opportunity to travel and live in several countries, namely Cambodia, Denmark and Russia. I have been working hard and devoted most of my time to my work.

Lately when I almost reach 44 I felt something was wrong here. There is so much more in life to see, enjoy and live for than my work. I hope it is not too late to change that.

When I passed the age of 40 years old and turned 41 a few years ago I had my first and only child. My life has changed 360 degree. My focus has shifted from my work to my child. I want so much to bring up my son in a good family life and a loving environment. But I have so much stressed from work and I become so dramatic. Lot of quarrels and disputes over stupid things with my husband.  Toward the end of 2015, to find out that I was not always a nice person to live with, I hit another turning point of my life. I need to change my way of living. I found out that many times I look through many beautiful and fabulous fashion blogs as a retreat or exit way from stress. I therefore decided to use fashion as a gateway to stay out of trouble and find myself a peace of mind.

That was when I told my husband that I want to become a fashion blogger. You wanted to become a what!? He asked. He doesn’t believe me. Years ago I told him that I would like to create a website on my profession to encourage young people to work here, but I didn’t do much on my website and let it died. He paid for my web domain name and I never updated it. Now he doesn’t believe me that I will update blog page.

I would like to make a simple fashion blog focusing on developing my fashion style around my existing wardrobe with a high hope to become a stylish chic. I like ideas to mix cheap but chic pieces with high-end brands. Since I am not only short, curvy and boxy, I am also clueless when it comes to styles, colours and mix&match.  Many times, I fail to highlight good part of my body but highlight bad part of it. I hope I will learn much more about fashion and living throughout my blogging journey.

I hope you will stay tune and enjoy sharing your inspiration, creativity and the love for fashion with me.

Thank you for reading.


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