A little black lace dress and a bow bag

Hello everyone,

I had a long holiday since the holy month of Ramadan ended on this Sunday here in the Gulf. Eid holiday started and ended on Wednesday. However the great sale season is on for another 2 weeks. I got two new handbags from Balenciaga and YSL. I will post their pics later when I use them. ^_^

On the first two days of Eid, some of our ASEAN colleague would host open house reception to mark the end of Ramadan. I went to the open house of the Indonesian Ambassador on 26 June 2017. I love love indonesian food like nasi gorang. On that day I picked the little black lace dress and teamed it with my Carolina Herrera audrey bow bag. It was pre-owned bag with good condition. Love it. CH brand isnt so popular in my home country but very well known here in the Gulf. This vintage bow bag is so cute. It is not too big but you can put a bit of things on it. It is a nice sized everyday use.

Thanks for reading.







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