Denim and black is a good combination


The first day of Ramadan here started from Saturday,  I took Kevin to an indoor playground because the weather was so hot. I decided to wear denim on black trousers so I create a casual and chic looking (well that was I thought). I love this rainbow handbag which I got from Paul Smith shop in Bahrain. The colourful stripes added so much fun in the look. A pair of flats were from Cath Kidson. I do love the design but they are not for heavy duty mum day out. They were comfortable but got so many creases or wringle lines after a few times I wore them so I don’t quite like the look now. They look very old and torn. >_<

We didn’t do much on that day because we didn’t want to be thirsty or hungry. Ramadan means all restaurants are closed during the day. Food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed in the public places including inside your car (if being noticed you can be fined). But for children they can drink and eat in public area so it wasn’t that bad for Kevin.




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