Polka dot again because I love it

Today I came to work in a a black dress on top of a polka dot blouse. I love the combination for the summer even though black doesn’t seem like a summer colour. I wore my new pair of kitten heels which I very much adore the design. The shoes came on sale with price tag of $8 so I got two pairs, one in black and one in warm coral.

Ramadan will start in a next few days. Things will be very quiet during the day time. All restaurants will be closed at day time and opened at night. The heat will make me dizzy and hungry more. Respect muslims for their strong determination. It takes a lot of courage and patience not to eat when the summer strikes you hard.

Today they expect it to be upto 42 degree during the day time. Hope the heat will not make me sick. There are a few people at my work got running nose amidst the hot temperature.

Take care.





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