Floral culotte jumsuit on a day without dolphin

We booked a trip to watch dolphin in Bahraini sea two weeks ago. Today finally they called to confirm that it is possible to go. The boat trip left from Sitra Port to area near Al Dar Island. The whole trip took about 1.5 hours but we couldn’t see any dolphins. I guess that there were too many jet-skis and lots of people in the area during the weekend. It was disappointing but noone can guarantee if the dolphins living in natural habitat would come out. However we enjoyed the trip so it wasn’t so bad at the end. I hope I can take the trip again and this time I can see the dolphins of Al dar island.

Till then.

My look : floral culotte jumpsuit, sandals are from Max Fashion from India, white tee and sunglasses are from Splash, a fashion brand from Middle East and bag is from Forever21.

For this floral culotte jumpsuit, I got it from sale but it was too long for a short woman like me (only 5″ 1′). I therefore shorten it but designed to make it even shorter. I think if it was at my ankle-length, it would make me look shorter than reality. Actually it was my first time to wear the jumpsuit. The bright yellow colour of this jumpsuit is irresistible for me so I bought it. It is easy to wear and good for the super hot climate in the Gulf countries, but very difficult to take off when you have to go to the toilet.







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