My new COS white shirt on a day off


I got this piece from COS on sale. It was simple but with stylish ending. I couldnt help but buying it. My son took this photo shot for me when I was off to drive him to school like every morning. I wore the tribal-style necklace in shocking pink which makes my outfit looks more interesting.


I normally wear size 14 but this shirt is size 10. However it can fit me well and hopefully it will inspire me to lost more weight.


I decided to pair my outfit with a pair of simple beige sandals and D&G handbag which I got it a few years back when I went out shopping with my mum. The piece reminds me of a wonderful time we had together. I still miss her very much. Time only helped me to cope with her passing but not completely healed. I had a special bond with my mum so her death striked me so hard that I couldnt swallon it. To wear or carry things like this handbag brings back the fond memory of us together. I felt warm with love. Love you mum!



Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful day.


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