Blue pom pom sandals – love it


You can say I am slow when it comes to trendy fashion so I only recently bought this lovely pom pom sandal in bright deep blue. I love it. Today I have a day off so I decided to wear it to embrace my free time with my K. The sandal  is a cheap version of a expensive brand but it is still very comfortable to wear. Since my K wears his spiderman sandal with the similar colour, he is very happy. He loves spiderman and blue colour. It is amazing to know we develop the love for colour at the very young age. The pom pom on the sandal makes it looks stylish and trendy. If you dont own any of this sandal, I recommend you to have one i  your shoe collection.

The top I bought because of its style which is very much proper wear for the hot summer here in Bahrain. I also love the black rose embroideries on the top as the colour is so opposite and very contrast.

I am ready to enjoy my day off with my K now. See you soon.





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