Another unique sa-rong for an Embassy Bazaar

Today I had to go to an Embassy Bazaar which is an annual event here in Bahrain. It has been organised by the Mother and Child Society for many many years to raise funds to support a vulnerable group of people in the society. Many embassids participated at this event including my embassy. I chose to wear simple white lace top and a statement sa-rong. My sa-rong is in shocking pink with amazing patterns. It was weaved by hand to create amazing patterns. A unique technique has been taught from generation to generation. Every time I wear this amazing piece of sa-rong. I can feel warmed by love and care of the persons who created them. Some pieces can take up to half a year or more to make. Love them.

This special sa-rong was made by a group of tribe called Thai Leu. Their work is amazing and recognised by colourful pattern. I got it from a trip to Chiang Rai province in Thailand.

Hope you like it as much as me.






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