A black dress and a brown belt

Good morning Sunday!

I have always been a chubby girl. I am quite aware of my body shape which is not categorised as curvy but more as boxy.  I do not have a very slim waist line to divide my body like the curvy girls. My top and bottom parts are quite equally big. After one pregnancy and one big operation of ectopic pregnancy, my belly has never be the same. I however try to dress up to cover the bad parts and hi-lighten the good parts. Thanks to many bloggers out there, I have learnt a lot from you guys. Being stylish is not always naturally born but from researching as well as from trials and errors. I sometimes tend to wear things which are not for a boxy girl but why not. Like wearing this brown belt on the black dress to enhance my waist line. Well, if you like it, go for it. It is sometimes about the attitude to hold your body with confidence. Self-confidence can be the great finishing touch!

Have a wonderful day to you all.





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