Blue flower and my skinny jeans


I took K to do shopping with me yesterday. He was good at it. He helped me to pick up things and gave a lot of compliments to me when I tried on clothes. I love going shopping with a 4-year old. ^_^

What I wore yesterday mainly from H&M. I bought this top from H&M 3 years ago. Almost forget about it. The bright blue flowers on my top reminded me of bright spring in Europe now. Lot of friends posted their pictures of how they spent their long holiday in Europe. This top also reminded me of my mum. I bought this top while I went shopping with my mum. She was not only a good company but also my best friend. I still cannot get over the grief of lossing her which came so sudden last year. However it is more bearable these days. Little things reminded me of her. Hope that we will meet again some day Mummy!

I wore my new pair of heels from H&M. Love the neutral colour on it. My purse is blue water snake skinned bag from Chloe.

That was how I enjoyed my day. What about you guys?





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