Simple weight loss – being a working mum

Hi there,

Today my sister sent me a picture of me then and now. I was stunned to see myself in the picture which was taken 2 years ago. I was 80 kg at that time. Now I was around 66 or 67 kg and my goal is putting it down to 60 kg. I wanted to be able to fit in nice clothes and like to be in the photo again. I realised that during the past 2-3 years I hardly had good pictures of myself. Now I feel like being on pictures again.

People keep on asking me what I have been doing to lost so much weight within the period of 1 year. I told them being a full time working mum. Actually I didn’t have time for dinner because when I got home from work I had to cook and take care of K. My husband is working at home so his shift ends when I am home. I gotta feed K so by the time I finished it was too late for me to have my dinner. I also do my house chore every now and then during weekday but weekend I do most of it, cleaning, mopping, ironing, cleaning toilets , etc. This helps me lost my weight and I feel healthier too. Why? I have to set up a good example for K so I eat better when I eat.

Anyway, you should be happy with who you are and embrace your look. If you lost some weight and look healthier, why not. Remember whatever you do is just for you and making you happy. Regardless whatever judgement from others.

Stay healthy everone!

Share me your weight loss experiences, pls leave your comments. Thanks.


Collage 2017-04-15 13_32_55


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