Olive and denim


Hello everyone,

Yesterday I took K to see Sesame Street Show at the Bahrain Exhibition Centre. It was kind of fun for him though he refused to join other kids to dance. So I picked this outfit for the Show.

I always love olive colour so when I saw this olive top at H&M I couldn’t help but taking it home. I feel that now when I buy clothes I have a better focus. So when I buy things like blouse, shirt, skirt or dress, I have to think of what I have had in my wardrobe. New pieces should be fit in with the rest.

Before I started blogging, I tended to buy many clothes that were big enough to cover my boxy figure. It was hard to find things that fit me in my home country since everyone seems to have size 0. So when I found big sized clothes, I just bought them. I then ended up having clothes that didn’t fit with each other. Chaotic wardrobe indeed. Lately, I looked at my blog pages, I decided to ditch many pieces of clothes that I don’t need. I found out that many of them were so loose and didn’t flatter my boxy shape at all. Blogging helps me find my right clothes that flatter my figure. I am still learning to style myself and I hope it will get better and better with all of your help and support.

The Gucci belt was something I bought last year and hardly wear it. I cannot find the way to wear it right. I think it was nice with my deep olive top.


The handbag is from Paul Smith. I like the two contrast colours on the bag, black and orange-red with the grey handles. This pair of shoes I love very much. It was okay price from Zara a few seasons ago.


Before the Show, we had lunch at a nice place called “Le Chocolat” The cakes and chocolate there are amazingly delicious. Love it.

Hope you have a good Sunday off! GRRRR I have to work today.





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