A black dress and a brown belt

Good morning Sunday!

I have always been a chubby girl. I am quite aware of my body shape which is not categorised as curvy but more as boxy.  I do not have a very slim waist line to divide my body like the curvy girls. My top and bottom parts are quite equally big. After one pregnancy and one big operation of ectopic pregnancy, my belly has never be the same. I however try to dress up to cover the bad parts and hi-lighten the good parts. Thanks to many bloggers out there, I have learnt a lot from you guys. Being stylish is not always naturally born but from researching as well as from trials and errors. I sometimes tend to wear things which are not for a boxy girl but why not. Like wearing this brown belt on the black dress to enhance my waist line. Well, if you like it, go for it. It is sometimes about the attitude to hold your body with confidence. Self-confidence can be the great finishing touch!

Have a wonderful day to you all.





Tee and denim on casual Friday

After many long working days at work, I finally have one day off. I love this girlie tee which I got from H&M a while ago. It has ruffles on both sleeves which make it looks more lady-like. I wore it with skinny jeans and tge new pair of casual flats from street market. I carried vintage Loewe bag in dark purple.

I hardly wore any make-up because I was too exhausted from the week of chaotic work. Hope that next week I will be up to more red lipstic again.

Today is Saturday here and I have a lot of work to do. It is very sad to hear my son asked me not to go to work.

Have a good weekend and enjoy time with your family.




How to wear long skirt when you are short?


Hi there

I have never heard of the Swedish clothing brand called “COS” before. One day recent I went to do some anti-stress shopping at  Bahrain City Centre, I saw quite a number of shoppers carried the shopping bags with brand-name and logo of  “COS”. I then asked one pass-by shopper about the brand. She kindly said that it is a good Swedish brand with 70% discount on many items. Because of the word “70%” I decided to go to the shop and have a look.

I like the brand almost immediately. The designs are simple but timeless and trendy. The fabric is good quality and the cutting as well as pattern are well-design. I bought a few items there including this black long skirt. I am not a big fan of the skirt that long enough to cover to my knee because I think it will make me look shorter and fatter.

But this skirt doesn’t make me look shorter and fatter at all. I think the perfect cutting of this pencil skirt held my body better than I thought. And the fabric is comfortable but structured. So if you want to try a long skirt please keep in mind that

– The cutting of the skirt should not be too loose. Pencil skirt style is the best.

– The hight waistline is highly recommended So it will help creating the vision of extra body lenght.

– The fabric should be soft structure but not too soft.

– The length of the skirt should not end at the widest part of your tights or legs because it will only create a enlarge vision of your legs.

– Pair the skirt with stylish blouse.


Top : H&M

Skirt : COS

Purse : Chloe

Heels : MNG



When lace meets lace for working day


Hello from Bahrain,

I love laces and I found out that I have so many clothes with lace decoration. Today I picked two pieces and wore them to work. My white top is from the Arabic design shop called CHOICE. It is cotton lace with symmetric pattern which I thought it will go well with my black and white lace skirt which I got from Thailand. I think lace is luxurious and sophisticating. It can create lady like yet professional look on you. And it is always trendy too.

Tips of how to wear lace with lace for work:

1. Patterns should be complimentary with each piece and not too extravanganza. Otherwise it will look like you are going to the party not to the office.

2. Colour should not be too bright or loud and wothout gliterring.

3. Plain accessories. Simple court shoes and structure handbag will pull your look more professional.

Enjoy wearing lace to work you guys. Have a good day.




Statement white blouse and necklace to work


Happy Monday!

Today the weather is a bit cooler here in the island so I decided to wear my new statement white blouse and statement necklace. As I told you guys earlier, I have to wear mourning attire to my office until the end of October this year. So I paired my blouse with simple small tweed tailor made pants. If only I don’t need to wear mourning attire, I would simply add red accessories to brighten up my day.


See the difference? Accessory can empower your daily work. It is indeed essential. I love buying ok priced accessories. Accessorize is my favourite place where I normally shop for nicely designed items. Especially during sale season.

Please share with me where you like to buy your accessories? And what items you have to wear everyday? I love to wear earrings and watch everyday I can’t live without them!

Have a good day!






Top : Redtag

Trouser : tailor shop in the local market

Necklace and earrings : Accessorize

Belt : Gucci

Purse : Chloe

Heels : New Look

Blue flower and my skinny jeans


I took K to do shopping with me yesterday. He was good at it. He helped me to pick up things and gave a lot of compliments to me when I tried on clothes. I love going shopping with a 4-year old. ^_^

What I wore yesterday mainly from H&M. I bought this top from H&M 3 years ago. Almost forget about it. The bright blue flowers on my top reminded me of bright spring in Europe now. Lot of friends posted their pictures of how they spent their long holiday in Europe. This top also reminded me of my mum. I bought this top while I went shopping with my mum. She was not only a good company but also my best friend. I still cannot get over the grief of lossing her which came so sudden last year. However it is more bearable these days. Little things reminded me of her. Hope that we will meet again some day Mummy!

I wore my new pair of heels from H&M. Love the neutral colour on it. My purse is blue water snake skinned bag from Chloe.

That was how I enjoyed my day. What about you guys?




Simple weight loss – being a working mum

Hi there,

Today my sister sent me a picture of me then and now. I was stunned to see myself in the picture which was taken 2 years ago. I was 80 kg at that time. Now I was around 66 or 67 kg and my goal is putting it down to 60 kg. I wanted to be able to fit in nice clothes and like to be in the photo again. I realised that during the past 2-3 years I hardly had good pictures of myself. Now I feel like being on pictures again.

People keep on asking me what I have been doing to lost so much weight within the period of 1 year. I told them being a full time working mum. Actually I didn’t have time for dinner because when I got home from work I had to cook and take care of K. My husband is working at home so his shift ends when I am home. I gotta feed K so by the time I finished it was too late for me to have my dinner. I also do my house chore every now and then during weekday but weekend I do most of it, cleaning, mopping, ironing, cleaning toilets , etc. This helps me lost my weight and I feel healthier too. Why? I have to set up a good example for K so I eat better when I eat.

Anyway, you should be happy with who you are and embrace your look. If you lost some weight and look healthier, why not. Remember whatever you do is just for you and making you happy. Regardless whatever judgement from others.

Stay healthy everone!

Share me your weight loss experiences, pls leave your comments. Thanks.


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