Striped dress on a playground


Hello everyone,

I got this striped dress from Oman at a good price tag. I always wanna wear this kind of pattern on a dress but I tend to think stripe will only make you look bigger so I avoid wearing it. Since I lose some weights my confidence grows, I decided to wear it to see my hairdresser and bring K to the playground. When I look at myself in the mirror I think it enlarge my body shape. But who care!? I am gonna have a good time with my boy in this dress. It is the positive attitude toward yourself , that counts.


I left K at the play ground with J and drove to see my hairdresser. Unfortunately my favourite hairdresser was occupied, I was introduced to a new one. I agreed to let the new unfarmiliar face cut my hair. The haircut turn out nicely. Lucky me! Hope you agree!



Dress from R&B shop in Oman, belt from Foever21, flat from Tory Burch and Hermes herbag.


7 thoughts on “Striped dress on a playground

      1. It is comfortable and soft material so I am bit concerned if it will makecme look larger. Your comment was a good boost of confidence.;)


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