A black dress and white peral necklace, a timesless work attire


For a professional look, dark colours seem to be appropriate especially in my career field of work. Since we are instructed to wear black to mourn for our late king for a year, black dress is a must staple of our everyday work attire. I love lace and realise that many of my clothes have some lace deco on. This dress is a lovely piece with part of lace deco on both sleeves and bottom half. For 30 Euro for this dress I am quite satisfied with its quality.


I love this classic YSL handbag and have an eye on it for a long time. Mostly it will not be on sale since it is classic and timeless but yeah finally I got it from Sak Fifth in Bahrain with 60% reduction on price tag. How could I say no. I have a 10″ classic Chanel handbag which is too small for my stuff and the jumbo size is too big for my figure. This YSL is a proper size for me. Love it.


This pair of heels are from Matalan shop in Muscat. Love light warm grey tone of them.

Thanks for reading.




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