Two blues and black and white in Muscat



I have already left Oman and came back to Bahrain. Tomorrow is another working day. Holiday always seems to be too short and I have never had enough of it. We spent the last two days for our son. The evening of 27 March, we decided to bring him to the park and Riyam Funpark. At the park we had some time to enjoy the peacefully beautiful view of old Muscat surrounded by Guld of Oman on one side and mountaineous scene on the other side. It was magnificent. The last day we took K to Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum. He loved it very much. It was amazing to see those little smiles. We also drove to the Grand Mosque of Muscut but it was closed in the afternoon.

At the park, I wore a pleated top in deep blue with my blue denim. I teamed them with my beige handbag and two-toned slippers from Promod. While at Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, I wore white laced top and black culottes. To complete my clean look, I carried LV classic speedy bag and Oasis black flats.






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