Love is all around a woman in black


Today the day didnt start very well. Things seemed out of place and the bad weather was very influencing to my bad mood. Everything went wrong and wasnt as good as I had planned. It seemed like bad karma or unlucky star was following me. I felt unloved and uncared, these are the worst feeling that could happen to someone’s mind and they are torturing you. Jasper felt guilty as he, unintentionally, added up more drama on top of my tragic day. It was the tip of the iceberg.

Wearing black dress was making my dark day darker. Jasper might have realised it so he sneaked to my office while I was out and brought me a secret gift.

The pink bouquet brightened my day and I felt loved again. Things turned out nicely at the end of the day.

Hope your day wasnt as bad as mine.


Dress – Ipekyol

Earring – Chanel

Pearl necklace – Tory Burch

Purse – Accessorize

Heels – Paso






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