Caramel and denim day

Hello everyone! It is Friday and a weekend has started here in the Gulf countries. My weekend started with a new fragrance called “Cartier Lys Rose”. I love the fresh smell of rasberries and sweet lilies. The fragrance is lovely but lives a very short life indeed. I had to sprayed it all over my body!

Today I have to bring Kevin to a birthday party of his friend so I decided to wear my caramel working shirt and paired it with my loose gap denim. I just simply dont want to wear black attire to celebrate a 4 year-old birthday. I also wear my new flats in deep blue which I got them with a good deal from Cath Kidson store at the end year sale in City Centre. My cross body handbag is from my favourite arabic brand called “Choice”. Love the size of the bag and I also replaced its original strape with a chic strape which I borrowed from my other Paul Smith handbag.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!






Shirt – Max

Denim – Gap

Handbag – Choice

Flats – Cath Kidson

Earrings – Acceserize


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