Little black dress

Finally I have a courage to be back here once again. I stopped blogging completely after the sudden death of my beloved mother. She died from kidney failure and heart failure on 21 March this year. It was all of the sudden that I could not cope with such a great loss. I was not well-prepared and I never will be. I did not feel like doing things I love anymore. I felt so lost and my life compass has gone. In total confusion, I felt like no reason to be here and enjoyed my life. Though my son and my husband were such great support to me, I was drown in my dark sadness.

I know my mother would not have want that. She wanted me to enjoy living and following her legacy. I finally come to term with her passing, even though there has always been a big hole in my heart. I miss here but life must go on.

Due to the death of my mother and mourning period for our late King, I have wear only black for a year. It is a great challenge to wear only black without boredom. How can I style my workwear in black for a whole year. Let’s get started.

Today I put on my new Oasis dress, a little black dress with scalloped trims. I like it very much. This English brand has always been my favourite. It is not so pricey and offers good design. This dress was on sale and it costed only Euro 25. It is worthy paying for. I teamed it with a black long sleeved shirt underneath due to a coolong temperature here in Bahrain. Simple look for today.