Girlie green

Fashion Diary Day 20

Dear friends,

It has been ages since my last entry. Things has been dramatic here in Bahrain. My mum almost had a heart attack due to her acute renal failure. I didn’t know that until we took her to the hospital and she immediately admitted to ICU. I almost lost her.

Life was a bitch to all of us during the past 2 weeks but now it has been improved. My mum traveled back to Thailand on 9 March 2016 Now she got a proper treatment and received 2 dialysis at the hospital in Thailand. She is in safe hands and close to family and friends. During those darkest hours, I had no mood of doing anything and felt extreme guilt.

Finally I feel a bit better and re-gain back my lil sense of plain fashion.

Thank for reading. XXX

Your Girlie green


Top : Max

Skirt : Promod

Shoes : Max

Bag : Loewe

Glasses : Gucci

Necklace : Max on sale