Three Green and a bit of Blue

Fashion Diary Day 17

Dear all lovelies,

Today I decided to go with the concept of “three same shades of colour on three things” again. After I put this concept into practice yesterday in my entry Three red, I still enjoyed the idea of having three things of the same colour shade on my outfit. Today the winner was green!

Do you remember my green skirt? I wore it with grey blazer on “light grey and deep green”. This time I paired it with other cute blouse which was really flirty. The green shade on my blouse and skirt are slightly different. To tone down my cuteness (if any :-P) , I wore a kind of formal blue blazer.

I love the skirt because it makes me feel more girlie and the colour of deep green makes it look a bit fun to wear to work. When I walk it moves like I am walking in a floating skirt. The side pockets on the skirt are cool and useful. Just love it.

Hope you like my new look.

Thanks for your supports.

Hattie XXX


Blouse : tailor-made in Thailand

Skirt : Promod

Blazer : Tailor-made in Bahrain

Earrings : From India

Handbag : Chloe Elsie

Pumps : Tracey & Belle









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