Stripe and skirt on Valentine’s Day

Fashion Diary Day 15

Dear readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

I learn to love myself more and more. My perspectives to others has also changed. I think I am happier.

I previously always believed in the rule so I haven’t worn things that didn’t recommend for a curvy girl like a stripe pattern since it tends to create a vision of wider body.

Now my new me is more create and challenging so I recently bought two stripe Tees  (one in navy and one in coral). Today I was out with my son to do grocery shopping together so I decided to wear it with a ling skirt and a tiny belt. My previous self would never dare to wear things like this but now I like to think out of the box. I follow and take a good look at many curvy bloggers’ blogs and try to create my own sense of style which reflects my inner self and personality.

Hope you like my look! Thanks forreading.

Hattie  XXX





Tee : Max

Skirt : Promod

Necklace : Max

EarringsEarrings : Splash

Belt : Forever21

Pumps : Mango

Handbag : LV


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