silk-screened Tee on a casual weekend

Fashion Diary Day 14

Dear Readers,

For many years, I used to buy clothes because I could fit in with a thought that it could hide part of body that I disliked.

In Thailand where most girls are super slim and extra petite so it is difficult to find nice clothes for plus sized women. They are normally neither interesting nor stylish. It always has no shape and loose. Designed or branded clothes are imported to Thailand but with a limit to size L/XL or UK 16. A girl with breasts like me had not much choice. So when I found something I could wear I normally bought even though it seemed not well embrace my body-shape or was not compatible to the rest of my wardrobe. So I bought things which were left with tags in a corner of my closet because I couldn’t find what to wear with or I didn’t feel comfortable to wear it.

To wear what I wear now in the past was like a mission impossible. I would never tug my tee in my trousers or skirts. I tended to not draw attention to my top part of my body. My casual wear in the past was like a linen loose fit blouse and a linen loose fit trousers. I dressed like a true middle-aged woman. Tee and I are kept apart like the enemies. Only when I go to bed, I would wear my tee with my shorts or pajama. Now I am more confident and learn to live in harmony with my body-shape.  Thanks to blogging and to all of you.

Since I start blogging a few weeks ago, I have been active in taking good care of how I look and how I shop. Which is good for my spending. I think more carefully of what to buy. It has to be fit in not just my body-shape but the rest of my collection. So when I purchase one item, I have to think how it can help me to create more everyday outfits.

It is more fun to go shopping and dress everyday!





Tee : custom-made from Printo Shop in Bahrain

Trousers : MAX

Blazer : tailor-made in Manama Souk

Pumps : Mango

Handbag : LV



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