Salmon orange and royal blue

Fashion Diary Day 13

Dear Readers,

In my early days, I wouldn’t have thought of wearing this salmon orange skirt with royal blue suit like the way I did yesterday. I would have worn a boring combination of suit set and white blouse. Thanks to all of your supports and my recent 13 kg weight-loss I have gained more confidence and better sense of style. I then dare to wear more challenging combination of work attire. I also enjoyed more compliments of how I dress everyday which is a good thing. Giving a sincere compliment is the good thing you can do to people and you will see that it can have such positive power on a person.

You can see a picture showing the way I was in 2015 and the way I am now in 2016. Hope you will give a good compliment to people around you everyday.

And I hope you like what I wear today.

Thanks for reading! XXX







Blazer : tailor-made in Bahrain

Blouse : Splash

Skirt : Tailor-made in Bangkok

Pumps : Tracey&Belle

Brooch & Earrings : from market

Handbag : LV


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