Different shades of blue and beige

Fashion Day 11

Dear readers,

I got an invitation to a luncheon at the home of one of the leading business families in Bahrain. There would be two other prestigious female guests and the lady of the house is also a well-dressed person. I gotta pay attention to the way I look. What do you think I would wear to the luncheon? I played it  safe by choosing my polka-dot blouse in dark navy and teaming it up with a dark blue skirt and a blue shaded blazer.

Since the white dots on my blouse reminded me of pearls, I wore a layered pearl necklace and pearl studded earrings. To keep a neutral look, I picked a beige coloured pair of bumps and my Gucci handbag. I think the overall look was ok. What do you think? The polka-dot blouse was left untouched in my wardrobe for ages since I had no idea what to team it with. The ruffled front and the collar somehow makes me look fatter. But today the combination was presentable.

Thanks for reading. XXX





Blouse : Forever21

Skirt : tailor-made in Thailand

Suit : tailor-made in Bahrain by Lucky Falcon shop in Manama Souk

Necklace & earrings: from market

Shoes :Tracy&Belle

Handbag : Gucci




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