Dark brown and white

Fashion Day 10 

Today I was invited to an grand opening ceremony of the new Naval Office at the Navy base in Mina Salman. I was informed that the Bahraini Royal Family member would presented at the ceremony so I needed to wear something quite neat, glam and professional. I chose the safe side, I go for Zara blazer in Chanel classical style and a neat skirt. As I lose around 12-13 kgs by now, the skirt looked pretty loose at the front and the back. No time to get it tailored, I just wore it like it was.

I had this Zara blazer for years but hardly wear it. Today I felt that it was a suitable choice for the function and Bahrain’s cold weather. I also wore Gucci scarf underneath my blazer to add a bit of style in my whole look.

Thanks for reading and for likes! XXX ขอบคุณค่ะ




Blazer : Zara

Scarf : Gucci

Earrings : Chanel

Brooch : Pilgrim

Skirt : Tailor shop in Bangkok

Handbag : LV

Shoes : Mango


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