Lady in Blue for Kuwait night

Fashion Diary Day 19

Dear Friends,

I have been busy at work lately so  I didn’t do much of posting for my blog. Tonight I am attending the Kuwait’s national day reception at Ritz Carlton Bahrain so I dressed up for the event. Due to my profession, I shouldn’t wear fancy dress code for any formal functions so it might look bit plain and boring. I chose blue Thai silk top and navy blue Thai silk skirt. Since my attire was kind of boring so I added golden accessories to it.

Gotta run to the reception now.

Have a good day or night depending on your time zone darling.

Thanks for reading.

Hugs and kisses,

Your fellow blogger.







Top & bottom : tailor-made in Bangkok

Necklace: from India

Earrings: Max

Watch : DKNY  (3 colours in silver, gold and rose gold)

Handbag : Accessorize

Shoes : Mango



Three white on me

Fashion Diary Day 18

Dear all readers,

I was invited to an opening ceremony of airport modernisation project so I thought of wearing white to celebrate the new begining of this project. The airport will be 4 times bigger with a modernised design. I then picked a white blouse, a white skirt and white earrings. Of course they have different shades of white.  Yes dear, white can be various too. They can come in different shades like other colour. Normally my old me wouldn’t have thought of wearing this combination. Not even think about it from the very beginning.

I love this statement necklace from Accessorize and I think it helps to make my whole outfit look less plain and boring. The pastel tone of the necklace is lovely and reminds me of upcoming spring time.

Enjoy the Friday tomorrow everyone. I will miss you.

Thanks for your support.

Hattie XXX



Blouse : Massimo Dutti

Skirt : tailor-made in Bangkok

Blazer : Oasis

Pumps : Paso

Earrings & necklace : Accessorize

Handbag : Chloe Elsie







Product review : bodyshop almond nail and cuticle oil

Dear Lovelies,

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has dry and cracked cuticles like me? How you deal with it? The photo you see now is a lot better than before after I start using new product.


When the weather gets colder, my cuticles become so dry and cracked. I sometimes like to peel them off which leads to deeper ruin of my nail base. Even I get them bleeding too. Therefore, my finger nails don’t always look nice or neat so I like to get them manicured to cover up those damages. Lately, I have been so busy with my work that I couldn’t find time to do much things for myself including manicured.

I often catch myself peeling off my cuticles just to kill times and it becomes a very bad habit. When I found out my little boy starts following my example by peeling his nails, I know now it is time to kill this bad habit!


I have been searching for a good product that can fix my cuticle problem immediately.  I then found this amazing bodyshop almond nail & cuticle oil. The product comes in a package like a nice little pen with a soft brush at the end. You need to turn the other end until the oil comes out on the brush and apply it right on your cuticles. The almond oil will keep your cuticle moisturized.


2016-02-16 22.19.48

From this above-photo you can see nail on the left was cracked and dry and nail on the right was moisturized.

I have been amazed by the result after I just used it a few times. I only apply it on my cuticles once a day before I go to bed. It works its way to keep my cuticles moisturized so it appears less cracked and dry. It makes my finger nails look healthier and moisturized. The smell of the almond oil is very nice. This product also comes in the market with other products such as hand cream and hand soap. I love them all and found out that to use them together will enhance a better result.

The product quality is superb and packaging is easy to use. I will recommend it to anyone who suffer the same faith.

Love. XXX



Product review : Nesti Dante liquid soap

Many times I walked into my favourite supermarket here in Bahrain, I passed this shelf full of bars of soap and bottles in colourful packages. The smell of the soaps are so fresh, but I always use shower gel so I just passed by the shelf without noticing the colourful bars of soaps on it. Until one day, I got rashes on my tummy and I somehow though that they might come from chemical residue left on my skin from my usual shower gel. I then set a quest to seek for liquid soap which is so gentle to my skin.


Only when I seriously started looking for the perfect liquid soap, I noticed soap products on the shelf which I normally passed by without noticing. The products named “Nesti Dante”. The smells of the soap bars are so fresh as much as the liquid soap. Normally when I use my shower gel, I only smell parfume, something with chemical fragrance. Nesti Dante liquid soaps are different. The smells are sweet but also containing soap-smell. Something is so fresh and traditional.

I bought four items from the shelf. But today I will review only 2 items.


Romatica : shower gel with rose fragrance 300 ml. The smell is very uniquely beautiful. I love it.


Honey Wheat Germ : natural liquid soap for bath and shower 300ml. The smell is very nice and fresh. It leaves its soap-smell on your skin which I like it very much.

I would recommend them to any of you who are interested in replacing shower gel with liquid soap which is more traditional. The smells are very natural especially Honey Wheat Germ. Your skin will not be slippery after use like some of the shower gel but somehow it doesn’t make it feels dry out either. I prefer them to other products now. They are bring me back to the old time when I still used soap bars to clean my body. I felt like my granny still alive. I will definitely buy them for friends in Thailand next time I am going there for vacation.

Thanks for reading hope you will try them too.

Hugs, XXX



Three Green and a bit of Blue

Fashion Diary Day 17

Dear all lovelies,

Today I decided to go with the concept of “three same shades of colour on three things” again. After I put this concept into practice yesterday in my entry Three red, I still enjoyed the idea of having three things of the same colour shade on my outfit. Today the winner was green!

Do you remember my green skirt? I wore it with grey blazer on “light grey and deep green”. This time I paired it with other cute blouse which was really flirty. The green shade on my blouse and skirt are slightly different. To tone down my cuteness (if any :-P) , I wore a kind of formal blue blazer.

I love the skirt because it makes me feel more girlie and the colour of deep green makes it look a bit fun to wear to work. When I walk it moves like I am walking in a floating skirt. The side pockets on the skirt are cool and useful. Just love it.

Hope you like my new look.

Thanks for your supports.

Hattie XXX


Blouse : tailor-made in Thailand

Skirt : Promod

Blazer : Tailor-made in Bahrain

Earrings : From India

Handbag : Chloe Elsie

Pumps : Tracey & Belle








Three red and a little bit of grey

Fashion Diary Day 16

Dear Readers,

How life has been treating you? Life here has been very hectic. My son got a cold which might develop into a bad asthma, so I told him to skip his nursery today. But I have to go to work and to the meeting later so I can’t be home with him. GRRRR…

Anyway, the show must go on! Today outfit, I got inspired by Jean of extra petite, I like the way she tugged her cardigan into the skirt to show the body shape. She looks gorgeous! I got this new cardigan in red wine colour so I paired it with my red-shirt. I decided to wear the grey skirt which could be spotted in one of my embarrassing pictures taken last year when I was almost 80 kg.  Previously I dressed with major aim to hide the bad-looking parts of my body and hi-lighted my good parts, on contrary I didn’t achieve that major goal.

Let’s see what I did I think now was wrong :

  • Hair

False : To use the length of my hair to cover the large part of my face, my cheeks! I believed that a short hair cut will only reveal too much of my face and cheek.

True : To cut your hair short isn’t a bad thing to do. It does not only open up your face and your smile, but it also gets rid of the unnecessary volume around area between your neck and your shoulder. It can make you look thinner.

  • Top/ outer wear (jacket and blazer)

False : To wear very soft fabric blouse with black suit to cover up my breast and body shape line. It helps to create a straight line in the front part of your body. My suit was one-sized too small so it made me look bigger than usual. And too light fabric of the blouse hung on your skin badly and made the illusion of larger chest area.

True : Good fabric of your blouse will well fit your body and line along with your body shape to create good look. To tug the blouse and cardigan into the skirt will help create a waist line (which I don’t have much!)

What do you think my friends?

I also like to check Tanesha‘s blog as she is also one of my inspirations. I agree with Tanesha that clothes and style can make you look better without weight-loss. She looks amazing in her skin and clothes.

My journey to create a nice wardrobe is still a long way to go but it is not a lonely one because of your supports! Thanks for reading.

Hattie XXX20160215_112032



2016-02-15 12.29.59




Blouse : MAX on sale

Cardigan : Splash in 3 colour (wine red, beige, black)

Skirt : tailor-made in Bangkok

Earrings : from India

Pumps : Paco

Handbag : Chloe (water snake skin Elsie in deep blue)


Stripe and skirt on Valentine’s Day

Fashion Diary Day 15

Dear readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

I learn to love myself more and more. My perspectives to others has also changed. I think I am happier.

I previously always believed in the rule so I haven’t worn things that didn’t recommend for a curvy girl like a stripe pattern since it tends to create a vision of wider body.

Now my new me is more create and challenging so I recently bought two stripe Tees  (one in navy and one in coral). Today I was out with my son to do grocery shopping together so I decided to wear it with a ling skirt and a tiny belt. My previous self would never dare to wear things like this but now I like to think out of the box. I follow and take a good look at many curvy bloggers’ blogs and try to create my own sense of style which reflects my inner self and personality.

Hope you like my look! Thanks forreading.

Hattie  XXX





Tee : Max

Skirt : Promod

Necklace : Max

EarringsEarrings : Splash

Belt : Forever21

Pumps : Mango

Handbag : LV