Deep Violet and black-laced skirt for Indian Public Day Reception

Fashion Day 7  

Last night I got an invitation to the reception of the 67th Public Day of India at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel. As I am always fond of colourful Indian sarees and golden costume jewelry, I decided to wear something special but still traditional.

Indian women often wear their amazing sarees in their everyday life, even in the meeting rooms or conference. The colour and the fabric are wonderfully made. I find that amazing. So I wanted to follow their footstep, I wore Thailand’s national costume to Indian reception. I modernised my national costume dress by wearing only the top part and replaced the sarong with black lace skirt. I mixed it with golden-yellow necklace and earrings from Indian. I love combination of deep violet, black and golden-yellow colour. What also lovely about my Thai silk top is that it was made of 2 shade of violet threads so when it reflects with light, its colour shading becomes various. So my top looked violet and brightly deep blue in different pictures.





2016-01-27 05.03.30

Top : traditional costume made by specialised tailor shop in Bangkok, Skirt : from my favourite skirt shop in Bangkok, Neckalace & Earrings: from SIA, Handbag: vintage Chanel kelly with chevron pattern, Shoes : Tory Burch – they are very comfortable.

20160126_194654The student band from Indian school in Bahrain. They played good music last night.


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