Blue-green blouse and chocolate brown suit

Fashion Day 6 : Blue-green blouse and chocolate brown suit

I bought this blue-green sleeveless blouse several months ago however I had no clue what should I mix it with so I left it in my closet for months. Many times after I purchased it, I asked myself why I bought what I bought. Eight out of ten, the answer were because I fit in it. Two other reasons will be because of the way it looked on me and because of its colour. The reason I bought this never-worn before blouse was because of its fresh looking colour.

Today I intended to wear it to work. But what I should mix it with and how to complete my look? I was totally clueless.

I normally wore very formal and boring outfits such as suits and pants or skirts with shirts in plain colour to work since I believe it looked more professional that way. But what I have learnt so far about work-wear fashion makes me realized that I have been wrong about it. To look professional does not mean that‘your look’ has to be so classically typical, formal or boring. After I searched high and low on many fashion bloggers’ blogs. I found out that there are 2 easiest and cheapest rules to personalize your look;

1. Adding more feminine touch in your outfit such as feminine-look blouse (not only shirt), colourful shirts, foral printed dress or top etc. It will make your look more feminine and stylish as well as professional.

2. Accessorize and accessorize your look. Belts, earrings, necklaces, etc. are like pepper & salt to put on your dish. They help adding favours so your look will not seem too plain. But beware if you add too many loud accessories, your statement piece will not be out-standing. So if you want to wear a statement necklace, do pair it with smaller earrings. Otherwise everything will be speaking too loud on your look.


Today, I use my blue-green blouse as a centre-piece and build everything else around it. I chose to wear chocolate brown pant-suits and leopard printed pumps. To complete my look I added statement necklace and Chanel earrings. I hope you like my look of Monday.





Blouse : Max, Pant-suit : Tailor-shop in Manama Souk, Necklace : Accessorize, Earrings : Chanel, Shoes : Max, Handbag : Louis Vuitton, Watch : DKNY

Thanks for reading! XXX



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