Indian embroidered skirt

Fashion Challenge Day4 : Indian embroidered skirt

TGIF to you all. I have been blogging for almost 4 days now and I thank you for all likes and warm welcomes from your bloggers’ community! Thank you.

Today is Friday. Friday and Saturday are official weekends here in the Gulf States and the whole Middle East Region. I believe that my office is somehow the one and only official workplace operating on Friday. Since weekend has already started here, my former boss decided to introduce a “casual Friday theme” to our office. Therefore, some of my colleague can wear their fabulous jeans, while the others take this opportunity to diversify their sense of styles. I think I am in the second category.

Until now, I have lived in Bahrain for almost two years. I haven’t been living in a country where the number of the expats are almost as equal as the locals. People, regardless of their nationalities and races, live in harmony even though there are some disagreement and conflicts here and there like everywhere else in the world. Life here is pretty peaceful and slow-moving unlike many big metropolitan around the world. At first I thought it could be boring but later on I am fond of its peacefulness.

I adore the big community of Indians here. There are around 300,000 people from South Asian countries living in Bahrain. Half of them, I believe, are Indians.

Today I would like to contribute to the Indian community in Bahrain by adding a bit of Indian touch in my outfit. So I decided to go for long skirt teaming with simple shirt and a pair of green shoes. Without little bit of green my whole look will be boring for sure. Hope you like my look of today.





20160122_130104Blouse : Splash , Skirt : Journal , Shoes : Max , Earrings : Accessorize, Belt : Gucci , Handbag : brown messenger bag from Massimo Dutti, Watch : DKNY

2016-01-22 08.51.13

Some details of the embroidery on my skirt and my earrings.

2016-01-22 09.35.56

PS. behind the scene with my professional camera man, my son with his red toy mobile phone in his hand! Love you darling!

Have a great weekend ahead of you! Thanks for reading my blog. XXX


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