weight loss by evening primrose oil

Hello Everyone,

Anyone suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)  like me? Hands up please. I have recently decided to take evening primrose oil (EPO) for improving my hormone imbalance as I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I got treated for infertility many years ago. I also expect that my skin condition and fragile nails will be in a better condition. I started taking EPO since beginning December 2015.

I also take EPO aiming for my skin condition which has been rough and dry due to aging and water quality here in Bahrain. I found out that water here is quite salty and effects my mother’s skin sensitivity. I need to find product to help me improve my skin quality from within.

Collage 2016-01-21 05_58_14After a few months of taking EPO, I haven’t seen much of improvement of my skin condition. But the obvious result came as a biggest surprise! I lost so much weight. I also eat remarkably less. As a petite woman in term of heights I am always considered curvy in term of weights. From 78 – 79 kg. Now I am 68 kg. To be honest I am not sure if my weight loss is related to EPO but to balance my hormone is indeed the main course of it. I have read and watch the programme “Big, Fat and Fabulous” Miss Whitney the host has been also diagnosed with PCOS.she claimed that it made her gain so much weights. I do believe her. So I set my goal to live healthier and eat better.

Collage 2016-01-21 05_54_42

P.S. sorry for the quality of the pictures. As you know how I look before so I didn’t take many pictures. I always hided behind someone at least half of my body so I didn’t face reality. Now I have gained much more confident in the way I look. So I try to take more pictures. 🙂

Thanks you all for reading! XXX



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