Blue, brown and shade of old rose

Fashion Day 1 bit of blue, brown and shade of old rose

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my fashion challenge blog. I will blog as often as I can so I can see progress on myself as a fashion clueless to more fashion stylish. I dont know much about fashion but I love it. I hope I can create a useful blog for women to share with them some ideas, creativity and inspiration for simple daily work wear and colourful weekend casual wear.

I would like to describe myself as a rather short and plump woman. I am only 5 feet plus 1-2 inches but I weight more than I should (comparing with my height). I then wear mostly size 16-18 or XL and sometimes from Thailand where I come from my size will be extended to XXL – XXXL. This is scary. Many Thai women are petite!

According to my husband, he thinks I should loose some weight for my size and health since I have many back problems. So I start up this blog as an inspiration and challenge for me to live healthier and be happier about the way I look and the way I lead my life. I try many methods to dress down my imperfection and highlight my perfection. Trial and error on the way.




Scarf & earrings : Accessorize, Jacket : Matalan, Blouse : hidden underneath the scarf, Forever21 , Skirt : from my tailor shop in Thailand , Bag : Prada ,Shoe : Paso from Thailand

I wish you guys will be by my side throughout this journey. As my professional require, I normally wear conservative work business attire (kinda boring) such as pant suits, skirts, shirts & blouses, etc. I tend to add little colours in my attire. And weekend, normally I dressed badly with loose tee and jeans like many mother of one. Since I have a thought of creating this blog, I look for more way to dress up myself on my weekends which I spend with family and friends.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.



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