Black night out and floral skirt to morning function

Fashion Day 2 black night out and floral to morning function

Last evening I came home early to get changed and pick up my husband to attend a concert. I was invited to see the Bahrain Orchestra conducted by a female Japanese musical composer whose name is Missa Johnouchi at the National Theatre of Bahrain.

As it was quite a cold night here (17 degree Celsius is considered very cold here), I chose to wear an entire black outfit. However I wanted to add more colour to break the black curse, I decided to wear a colourful scarf from Accessorize, my favourite accessories brand since my grad time. I like combination of deep red, dark blue and camel on the scarf.



Top (hidden by scarf) : black Blouse with embroidery by Journal, tuxedo blazer & lace skirt are tailored made, scarf, earring & metalic clutch : Accessorize, shoes : Gucci

Journal is a clothing line from Singapore. I love their products because of the detailed embroidery and material. Here you can see better details of my top and accessories.

I was glad that I wore tuxedo blazer which was similar to the one Miss Missa wore too. It somehow made me felt so feminist. As in many countries in the middle east where women ain’t as equal as men, Bahrain is uniquely different. Last night Miss Missa, Japanese female conductor, smartly conducted a big group of male musicians to play her music. The Bahrain orchestra marvellously played her music masterpieces. It touched me so much that I couldnt help but shading my tears.

This morning, I was invited to the opening ceremony of the 42nd National Art Exhibition at the National Museum of Bahrain. As it is such a special event which will be chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa,  Prime Minister of Bahrain, I don’t want to attend in my normal boring workwear. I decided to wear my new Oasis floral skirt which I recently bought on sale.  The length of the skirt is a bit too long maybe but it will be appropriate for such event. I paired it with dark turquoise blouse which I bought from Red Tag. Just to keep my look formal I wore my tailored blue blazer from the shop in Manama souk.


day2-1My mum who is turning 75 this year took these shooting for me. Thanks to her.

Top : Red Tag, Skirt with belt : Oasis , Blazer : tailor-made, Shoes : Paso, Bag : Chloe Elsie , Earrings & necklace :  from Chinese market in Bangkok, Watch : Patek Phillips.

20160120_112717My sunglasses was bought from Massimo Dutti. I love the brand for its design and affordable price. I took picture with some exhibits here. They are amazing. If you are in Bahrain or plan to visit Bahrain, the National Art Exhibition will be here until 20 March 2016.



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    1. Thank you very much. Your blog is amazingly made. I will be your follower now. I have to learn a lot from you. Your support is great. I am so grateful. 🙂


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