My daily facial treatment

When I seriously started putting on makeup, I was a post grat student in UK years and years ago. I didn’t know much about beauty products or facial treatment. I only used simple facial foam from Ponds and moisturizer from Oil of Olay.

Until one day I found that my facial skin became so rough that I couldn’t apply any makeup on due to English winter. I thought I had to conceal it with thicker foundation so I headed to Debenham. I stopped by Clarins counter and asked assistant for foundation that suited my skin tone. She looked at me and asked why I wanted to use foundation. I explained to her that I needed to cover my rough and tired skin look. She smiled and simply said that all I needed were good skincare products not a foundation or concealer. I was introduced to the world of beauty  ever since.

When you became 40s like me, you have to admit the fact that you are aging. Your skin flexibility becomes less while wrinkles appear deeper in your skin. You cannot take it for granted any longer and you seriously need to take care your skin more than ever. It is a fact. When you turn into 50s, it will be too late to take care of it.

Here are some reviews on skincare products I have been using over a year now and the results are incredible.

Step 1 : Cleansing – I use normal cleansing cream or milk which I can buy from any supermarkets. Lately I found L’Oreal pure cleansing milk which is easy to clean all makeup even the waterproof ones. Simply rub the milk gently on your face and swipe it out with cotton pads. All makeup comes out easily.


Step 2 : Washing – I use 3 products at the moment. Himalaya Herbals Neems foaming face wash. This one is imported from India. It cleans your face very well. All the residue will come out. You can see the brown colour of the foam if you don’t clean your face with the cleasing milk before you wash your face. The other one I also use is Gardiner daily energising gel wash. I love its smell very much. I also scrub my face with Neutrogina pink grapefruit daily scrub every 3 days or twice a week. The product smell so good and the scrub beads are very tiny it doesn’t make your face feel too dry out after scurbing.


Step 3 : Toning – I use Nevia and like it.

Step 4 : Moisturizing with watery lotion. This is part of double protection method from Kanebo BA. She told me that lotion will open up your skin layer and help day or night cream penetrate into your skin better. You can feel the different result when you apply your cream after you applied lotion. The cream penetrate into skin layers better and you don’t feel it’s stickiness that much. I chose to use my son baby lotion.

Step 5 : Applying serum to enhance your cream capacity on your skin. I love Clarins double serum very much. The product is incredibly amazing. It helps to improve your skin appearance. My skin is soften and less rough.

Step 6 : Applying your day and night cream. Lately I learn to love this Japanese brand – Kanebo. Sensai is its luxurious skin production which is very good. It is produced from silk and aiming to soften wrinkle lines and reduce aging signs. I use Sensai cellular performance Emulsion II (which is similar to SKII) for day and use Sensai cellular performance cream for night since the cream is very rich and thicken. I used it for 2 months now, I can feel the differences. My skin soften and easier to apply make up on. It looks less fatigue and dull in the evening too. I enjoy compliments from people more often.



Deep Violet and black-laced skirt for Indian Public Day Reception

Fashion Day 7  

Last night I got an invitation to the reception of the 67th Public Day of India at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel. As I am always fond of colourful Indian sarees and golden costume jewelry, I decided to wear something special but still traditional.

Indian women often wear their amazing sarees in their everyday life, even in the meeting rooms or conference. The colour and the fabric are wonderfully made. I find that amazing. So I wanted to follow their footstep, I wore Thailand’s national costume to Indian reception. I modernised my national costume dress by wearing only the top part and replaced the sarong with black lace skirt. I mixed it with golden-yellow necklace and earrings from Indian. I love combination of deep violet, black and golden-yellow colour. What also lovely about my Thai silk top is that it was made of 2 shade of violet threads so when it reflects with light, its colour shading becomes various. So my top looked violet and brightly deep blue in different pictures.





2016-01-27 05.03.30

Top : traditional costume made by specialised tailor shop in Bangkok, Skirt : from my favourite skirt shop in Bangkok, Neckalace & Earrings: from SIA, Handbag: vintage Chanel kelly with chevron pattern, Shoes : Tory Burch – they are very comfortable.

20160126_194654The student band from Indian school in Bahrain. They played good music last night.

Blue-green blouse and chocolate brown suit

Fashion Day 6 : Blue-green blouse and chocolate brown suit

I bought this blue-green sleeveless blouse several months ago however I had no clue what should I mix it with so I left it in my closet for months. Many times after I purchased it, I asked myself why I bought what I bought. Eight out of ten, the answer were because I fit in it. Two other reasons will be because of the way it looked on me and because of its colour. The reason I bought this never-worn before blouse was because of its fresh looking colour.

Today I intended to wear it to work. But what I should mix it with and how to complete my look? I was totally clueless.

I normally wore very formal and boring outfits such as suits and pants or skirts with shirts in plain colour to work since I believe it looked more professional that way. But what I have learnt so far about work-wear fashion makes me realized that I have been wrong about it. To look professional does not mean that‘your look’ has to be so classically typical, formal or boring. After I searched high and low on many fashion bloggers’ blogs. I found out that there are 2 easiest and cheapest rules to personalize your look;

1. Adding more feminine touch in your outfit such as feminine-look blouse (not only shirt), colourful shirts, foral printed dress or top etc. It will make your look more feminine and stylish as well as professional.

2. Accessorize and accessorize your look. Belts, earrings, necklaces, etc. are like pepper & salt to put on your dish. They help adding favours so your look will not seem too plain. But beware if you add too many loud accessories, your statement piece will not be out-standing. So if you want to wear a statement necklace, do pair it with smaller earrings. Otherwise everything will be speaking too loud on your look.


Today, I use my blue-green blouse as a centre-piece and build everything else around it. I chose to wear chocolate brown pant-suits and leopard printed pumps. To complete my look I added statement necklace and Chanel earrings. I hope you like my look of Monday.





Blouse : Max, Pant-suit : Tailor-shop in Manama Souk, Necklace : Accessorize, Earrings : Chanel, Shoes : Max, Handbag : Louis Vuitton, Watch : DKNY

Thanks for reading! XXX


turquoise blue and leopard print

Fashion day5 : Turquoise blue and leopard print

Hi you guys.  How was your weekend? As I mentioned in my last entry that I would bring my family to watch the Bahrain International Airshow 2016. Instead of taking them to Sakhir Airbase or in the middle of desert, I decided make it more special event for my family by watching it from a lovely resort out of town called Al Areen Palace and Spa. Since I visited the place a few days earlier and found out that I could watch the Airshow from there. I also wasn’t sure that my almost 3 years old son could stand the loud noises of those jet fighters if we watched it from the Airbase. So to watch it here could be the best solution.



2016-01-23 14.05.2720160123_134303


T-shirt : Max (local brand) , Blazer : Forever21 , Jeans : Old Navy, Belt : Uniqlo (black), Shoes : Max, Bag : Gucci Guccissima in camel colour, Watch : DKNY , Earrings: Accessorize

2016-01-24 21.51.04

The Airshow was magnificent. We all enjoyed it very much. Hope next time in 2018 I could bring my son to watch the Airshow closer as he will turn 5 years old. I think he can enjoy its better.

2016-01-24 21.47.23

Al Areen Palace and Spa is a romanticly  beautiful and luxurious jewel hidden in the desert of Bahrain. Once you step in the place you totally forget you are in Bahrain. I love its Arabian style villas, warm hospitality, wonderful services and amazingly spacious spa.

2016-01-24 21.48.31

After the show, we dined at Keizo restaurant located in a middle part of the Hotel. Too bad they are renovating the large fountain otherwise it would give us the lovely view along the way to the restaurant. Keizo chef provides many dishes from pan-Asian cuisine. We ordered mixed of Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. The food was amazingly delicious and the prices were reasonable and worth-paying. We also got an absolutely amazing deal since my husband had 2 vouchers from Entertainer so we got “buy one get one for free” offer.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to greeting you again on Monday! XXX




Coffee is my morning treat


2016-01-22 10.24.16

I believe you guys just love drinking coffee like me. Years and years ago I didn’t like the taste of it until Starbucks has entered the global market. It caused some impact on me. Coffee has become my morning treat ever since.

When you have a child, you want to live longer so you can watch  him or her (or them) grow up. It is an amazing experience. I, then, have found myself reading more articles on health issues. Lately I have read something on coffee. And I want to share with you.

Do you know drinking coffee can reduce risk on having fetal diseases such as diabetic, heart diseases, nerves degrading and some cancers.  Chlorogenic acid in coffee can help to reduce risk of having Parkinson in men.

Anyway, do not drinking too much coffee. I believe in Buddhist’ way of moderate practice. Too much will not be good and too little will be as bad. So better keep it moderate then. For your health.

Stay healthy everyone. Thanks for reading.




Indian embroidered skirt

Fashion Challenge Day4 : Indian embroidered skirt

TGIF to you all. I have been blogging for almost 4 days now and I thank you for all likes and warm welcomes from your bloggers’ community! Thank you.

Today is Friday. Friday and Saturday are official weekends here in the Gulf States and the whole Middle East Region. I believe that my office is somehow the one and only official workplace operating on Friday. Since weekend has already started here, my former boss decided to introduce a “casual Friday theme” to our office. Therefore, some of my colleague can wear their fabulous jeans, while the others take this opportunity to diversify their sense of styles. I think I am in the second category.

Until now, I have lived in Bahrain for almost two years. I haven’t been living in a country where the number of the expats are almost as equal as the locals. People, regardless of their nationalities and races, live in harmony even though there are some disagreement and conflicts here and there like everywhere else in the world. Life here is pretty peaceful and slow-moving unlike many big metropolitan around the world. At first I thought it could be boring but later on I am fond of its peacefulness.

I adore the big community of Indians here. There are around 300,000 people from South Asian countries living in Bahrain. Half of them, I believe, are Indians.

Today I would like to contribute to the Indian community in Bahrain by adding a bit of Indian touch in my outfit. So I decided to go for long skirt teaming with simple shirt and a pair of green shoes. Without little bit of green my whole look will be boring for sure. Hope you like my look of today.





20160122_130104Blouse : Splash , Skirt : Journal , Shoes : Max , Earrings : Accessorize, Belt : Gucci , Handbag : brown messenger bag from Massimo Dutti, Watch : DKNY

2016-01-22 08.51.13

Some details of the embroidery on my skirt and my earrings.

2016-01-22 09.35.56

PS. behind the scene with my professional camera man, my son with his red toy mobile phone in his hand! Love you darling!

Have a great weekend ahead of you! Thanks for reading my blog. XXX

Stripe, black and white classic

Fashion Day 3 stripe, black and white classic

Today I am attending opening ceremony of Bahrain International Airshow 2016 which will be chaired by one of the sons of His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is my honour to represent my country at the VIP section. I therefore decided to wear something very formal yet not too formal.

For this look I have to admit that it is not so original since I got inspired by one of those gorgeous looks of Miss Olivia Palermo. I found the fabric at the corner of my tailor shop in Manama Souk so I asked him to make me the shirt. To complete my look and keep it all simple I decided to carry my LV handbag (at first I plan to carry my bright red YSL tote.).

2016-01-21 11.44.05


20160121_073529Shirt & pant suits : from my tailor shop in Manama Souk, shoes : Tracey and Belle, Bag: LV, necklace : Accessorize , Earnings : Splash : Watch: Patek Phillips

The Bahrain International Airshow is one of the biggest event of the country which will be organised every 2 years at the Sakhir Airbase near Bahrain international Circuit (BIC) . This year it will run from 21 – 23 February 2016. I plan to bring my family to watch the show on Saturday. Instead of just going to watch it from the Sakir Base as normal viewers, I decided to bring them to  Al Areen Palace & Spa where we can have the magnificent view of the Airshow from the private club. I will post those details later on. Hope you stay tune.

2016-01-21 11.53.31

2016-01-21 12.48.34

BTW, I am wearing my folding sunglasses from Ray Ban. Love it. Easy to carry and Wear.

Thanks for reading! Till my next post. XXX